Between the sea and the lake

Explore the hotel perfect for a true seaside getaway.

The hotel by the sea
perfect for you

Close your eyes.

You and your loved ones are sitting on a blanket, in a nearby park. Above your heads the treetops are humming, through which single rays of the sun are breaking through. You feel a gentle sea breeze on your skin, and your lungs are filled with healthy, fresh air.

Open your eyes. Welcome to Hotel Delfin.

Hotel / Cottages / Camping with ECO philosophy

Hotel in Dąbki close to the most beautiful beach

We are located just 300 meters from one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Poland.

In the middle of a charming park, which creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, everyone has a chance to find relaxation and rest. Inside you will discover comfortable rooms, a world of SPA and a seaside cuisine with the best dishes of the region. Out of respect for our location, and at the same time being aware of how beneficial it is to the quality of rest, we were one of the first to create ECO rooms - devoid of any radiation emitting devices.

Our hotel has all the assets of a true seaside refuge.

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